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1 我从来不反对后期,因为摄影从拍摄到后期是一个完整的创作过程,但是我更注重前期的拍摄,所以说选择一个好的滤镜,是非常重要的。 王建军 (NiSi 专业形象大师) NiSi耐司专业形象大师 1 风光摄影是一种艺术创作,更是在寻求自我的实现。拍摄时若能善用各种滤镜的运用,尽情享受摄影的乐趣。再巧妙掌握不同的手法技巧,达成影像超乎想像的感动。用心看世界,世界更美丽! 王宝国 (NiSi 滤镜总顾问) NiSi耐司滤镜总顾问-王保国老师 1 I am very proud and fortunate to be a NiSi Ambassador. I am impressed by the mechanical quality of the different holders, the neutrality of their ND filters which does not require any color correction in post processing. The combination of a circular polarizer in a square filter holder is a great innovation! Daniel K. Cheong (NiSi Ambassador, 500px Brand Ambassador, Nikon Instructor) 2 I have been looking for an ideal filter system ever since I became a photographer and time lapse specialist. NiSi Filters system is easy to use in the studio or outdoors; it's sturdy and reliable but most importantly, NiSi Filters deliver consistent, high-quality results. Honestly, I couldn't be happier with their products. My search for the perfect filter system has ended. Beno Saradzic (NiSi Ambassador,500px Brand Ambassador, Canon Explorer) 3 NiSi filters have become an essential item in my camera bag. The quality of these filters is undeniable and is evident not only in their build but also the images they produce.
Exceptional image colour and sharpness means I'm confident when shooting and the easy to use design means I don't miss the moment trying to adjust filters. It's great to have a reliable filter I know I can trust without worrying about sacrificing image quality.
Paul Zizka ( An award-winning mountain landscape and advanture photographer)